Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Countdown to Twilight

UPDATE: My thoughts of the movie are in the comments section since they contain book/movie spoilers - you've been warned!

I can't wait for the Twilight movie! I'm going to see it Saturday night with some friends from work... I wonder how crazy the theater will be since it's the day after opening night. I have a feeling the line will be long and there will be just as many squeeling fans! Of all book to movie adaptations that I've seen, I'm most excited for Twilight. Honestly I'm usually disappointed in movie adaptations of books I love. Don't even get me started about the Harry Potter movies (though I watch them anyway). I have purposely loaned my copy of the book out to multiple people so that I can't re-read the book again before the movie (which is a win-win because I'm spreading the fandom)! I've made that mistake before and I was way too critical of the movie. Twilight premiered last night and everything I've read so far is positive - the fans really loved it! Here's some video coverage of the premiere and interviews with the cast on the carpet:

And if you've been living under a rock and haven't seen the 10 different TV clips/previews of the movie (seriously, that's not a made up number) here's the trailer:
Twilight Trailer in HD

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  1. In general, I was disappointed with the movie. I tried to have low expectations, since movie adaptations rarely live up to their books... but I guess they weren't low enough. Though from what I hear a lot of the fans really did enjoy the movie.

    Here's what I liked:
    - Kristen Stewart as Bella, Charlie, Alice, Esme, Emmet (though I don't think he's a great actor)
    - I REALLY liked Charlie - I really got a better sense of his character that I didn't get from the books
    - the book quotes and the apple trick
    - the tree climbing scene (except for the spider monkey comment)
    - the baseball scene (loved it!)
    - the ballet room scene (except for the face Edward gave Bella when he sucked her hand)
    - In general I think Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart did a great job of portraying the characters. There are some things that are critical to the character development/story that they had to put in that just don't translate well from book to movie.
    - How they introduced the bad vamps differently than the book, I think it was necessary.

    Here is what I didn't like:
    - The face Edward made when he smelled Bella... I think it was all wrong and Catherine (the director) should have made him get it right. He should have thought she smelled amazing and shown the changing emotions in his expression from thirst/desire first then his struggle to resist it and then thoughts to kill her and everyone in the class (comes from Midnight Sun draft...)
    - The instantaneousness of Edward & Bella's relationship. I thought it was almost too fast in the book, but in the movie in a span of 2 min (maybe less) they went from "we shouldn't be friends" to declaring their love for each other.
    - The jacked up meadow scene. Really they didn't save any time from what they did, they could have kept the meadow scene more intact.
    - The awkward/cheesy/funny moments between E & B. I know those had to be in there but some were really awkward.
    - In general the movie seemed.... sloppy? Like it wasn't put together well. Though I understand it was a low budget film *shrug*. I blame summit possibly Catherine for this. Hopefully New Moon will be better in this regard.
    - The "sparkle" scene. A) I didn't like the way it looked, B) why did he have to show her that way? I laughed out loud (if they hadn't jacked up the meadow scene this wouldn't have been an issue). Though I am glad they included this in the movie... I was worried they would leave it out and then what would happen in New Moon!?
    - Skipping Alice & Rosaline getting her ready for prom (I thought they could have shown 15-30 seconds of that, just to develop those relationships more)
    - Rosalie, she wasn't nearly pretty enough (feel bad saying so but seriously...)
    - Jasper's constipated face. Granted he had to act out being uncomfortable and fighting thirst so I don't really know what he could have done differently. His hair bugged me too. Maybe I just don't like the actor they picked for him.
    - Jacob's wig

    I do hear that it gets better every time you see it :). I think I'll wait for Netflix though. I do look forward to New Moon. I'm hoping they'll have a bigger budget and maybe it will help... or not..


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