Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm a Slacker

Last weekend I participated in the 2010 Slacker Half Marathon. I say participate because I didn't do it for the race, but the scenery, and also to help condition my body for walking/hiking long distances. The Slacker starts in the beautiful Loveland Ski Area at 10,630 ft of elevation and the course ends downhill in downtown Georgetown at 8,400 ft. Here's a course description:
"The half marathon/relay begins on a dirt road at Loveland Ski Area and descends five miles to Bakerville. At this point, racers travel a paved road 4.5 miles to Silver Plume. From here, racers travel 3.5 miles of paved bike path and paved/dirt road to downtown Georgetown. The 4M begins at Silver Plume and travels 4 miles on paved bike path and road to the Town of Georgetown. These courses offer a fast race time for the serious runner and a scenic, fun route for the novice!"
What a great way to spend a Saturday morning! Here are some pictures that I took on my iPhone 4 (heart!) from the day... I should mention that most of these were taken during a quick pause in walking as I didn't want to stop for too long:
At the start line, waiting for the gun.

Past the 10 mile marker
Looking down on part of the Georgetown Loop Railroad
Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the finish. My husband was there along the route taking pictures with his DSLR but I haven't seen them yet. I'm sure he got some great pictures! Since my friend K and I were walking together we missed out on some of the after party festivities so we had our own party at Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs where we had mountain pies (Yukon is my fav, yum!) and Tommyknockers. That's my Jack Wacker Wheat Ale front and center. Mmm... Since the Tommyknocker Brewery is a couple of doors down from this Beau Jo's they have their beer on tap.

Perfect ending to a beautiful morning in the mountains! Here are some fun tips on how NOT to train or race a half marathon:
  • Wait until 10 days before the big day to start training (I got sick TWICE in the month before)
  • Stop at every water station and take two cups of water or gatorade (we were paranoid about the altitude and were not carrying water)
  • Use the potties at mile 5 and mile 9
  • Stop along the route to take pictures of the pretty scenery :)
Haha, this was the SLACKER Half Marathon people!


  1. Sounds like my kind of half marathon! Plan to do another one?

  2. With scenery that beautiful I wouldn't want to run by quickly! Glad you had a good time.

  3. @ALVN I don't have any half marathons on my radar at the moment. However I am motivated to restart the C25K program to get back into running. It's been a while and I've discovered that it's way harder to run at altitude so I was just going to redo the C25K to retrain myself. I'm hoping for a 5K or 10K this fall. I want to run the BolderBOULDER 10K next Memorial Day!

  4. Great looking Scenery, and I must say... I am glad to hear how much you (heart) your iphone! Unfortunately i am holding out for the Verizon network before I get to share the love.

  5. @Mr.Townes Yes, I LOVE my iPhone! Still hate AT&T :). Ah... the sacrifices.


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