Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Pupdog is Clean!

I realized when I was taking these shots that with my new TX5 camera, I could have taken some while I was giving her a bath. Doh!

Rinse Ace Pet Shower Deluxe ChromeI bought a Rinse Ace Pet Shower Deluxe Chrome months ago and finally remembered to attach it and USE it this time. What a difference having a spray nozzle makes! I loved how I could turn on the spray by pressing the button. I (and Koda) didn't have to worry about the faucet or water spraying randomly at her and/or around the bathroom - which used to happen when using a detachable shower head. This was quick to install (3 min max) and made bathing easy and less stressful. Hurray!


  1. An easier way to give pets a bath? Be still my heart!

    Koda is adorable. Love the yawn photo.

  2. Seriously, bath time was so much less of an ordeal. It was $20 but if it holds up (which I think it will) it will be well worth the money.


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