Monday, June 02, 2008

Go for Bulk

I love the look of classic glass jars filled with spices and grains. I have admired a friend mine's drawer full of spices in little labeled containers for the longest time (3 years!), and intended to make a spice drawer of my own. Well I finally found jars that I like and decided to actually get the project done. I purchased spice jars as well as a range of other sized jars, and put my label maker to use! I'm so excited! I can now buy spices in bulk and not have to buy containers each time and waste all the packaging - and it's literally pennies for the amount of spices you get in one of those jars that you buy for $2-3. We've had a spice drawer for a while but it was stuffed with those McCormick bottles that had to lie on their sides. Now my spice jars are easy to read and get to, no searching and picking through the drawer! Here's a picture of my finished project (click to enlarge).

Now that we've gone all natural with our foods, I also purchased a bunch of glass containers to hold all our grains (labeled of course, I heart my label maker!) - rolled oats, steel cut oats, cream of wheat, whole wheat couscous, brown rice, raw nuts, etc.. We have containers of pasta (whole grain of course) on our counter top, and then the rest in the pantry. I imagine having them all lined up on shelf in our dream kitchen.

Buy in bulk to save money and the environment!


  1. Great idea. Now to get off of the computer and go DO something about it!

  2. Where did you find your spice containers? I love your idea!! I have been trying to decide how to organize my spices for several months! =)

  3. Hi Lea, I got my spice jars at Bed Bath & Beyond online, but that was back in 2008. I love them, my spice drawer is still my pride & joy of my kitchen :). I chose them because they were the right height for my drawer, kinda cute and squatty, and had clear lids. I wish I could remember the brand of them but nope...

    Good luck in your search!


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