Monday, June 09, 2008

Live Like You Love the Ocean

Yesterday, June 8th was World Ocean Day. I'm disappointed that I missed it, and didn't have the opportunity to blog about it on the actual day. Those that know me personally know how much I love the ocean. I love being on the water, or even better underneath SCUBA diving. By nature, I am an observer and love to hover and watch (avoid touching at all costs) marine life in their habitat. I am always fascinated by the behavior of different species and how they interact - this goes with animals on land and water.

A handful of scientists are researching one of several gyres in the ocean called the "ever expanding" Great Pacific Garbage Patch (more like a bowl of plastic soup, reported to be twice the size of Texas or larger). Here they have found six pounds of plastic for every pound of algae. Considering that the ocean determines our food, and our climate... this is devastating. According to the U.S. Commission of Ocean Policy, 80% of plastic in the ocean is not from ships but from land. The improper disposal of consumer waste eventually travels from beaches and rivers to the ocean... to be pulled by currents and accumulate in ocean gyres. So... what can we do? I think Wallace J. Nichols, a senior scientist at the Ocean Conservatory said it best - "live like you love the ocean." Simply put less in, take less out, and protect the edge.

To commemorate World Ocean Day, people were challenged to make June 8th a day without plastic. I'm glad to say that without even realizing that it was WOD - I did it... I used my Klean Kanteen water bottle, my new reusable cotton produce bags (see my previous post), and my totes. Even though World Ocean Day for 2008 has passed, I challenge you to make your own "day without plastic" day. Then tell me about it!

For a list of articles about the impacts of plastic in our lakes and oceans click here. The article that brought the significance of this issue to my awareness is called Plastic Ocean, by Susan Casey.


  1. Not even knowing there was a WOD, on June 7th my daughter (Lauren) and I organized a beach clean up. She really wants to do her part to help the environment. She had to do a resident expert project for school and she decided to do it on Coral Reefs. She made a beautiful diarama of a coral reef and there was even a picture of you and your dad diving in it. I will have to send you a picture. Well we dicided after reading so much about the coral reefs that we needed to do our part to help save it. So,when she did her report she gave out flyers for a beach clean up . Much like you, Lauren has a great love for the ocean and all that is in it. You will have to go kayaking with us next time you visit Florida. Lauren would be honored to have you ride with her. She really thinks alot of you.

  2. That's great, I wish I was there to participate in her clean up. Please give her kudos from me :).

  3. Awesome post! We also found Nichols' quote especially poignant. (we also promise we didn't steal your blog post title!)


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