Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Photo credit: NASA
Every day should be Earth Day. I mean really, does designating one day make a difference? What is sad is that so many businesses take advantage of Earth Day and greenwash their goods. I'm beginning to hate the word green… I do think it's great to have a day set aside where everyone focuses entirely on planet Earth, but the actions have to become part of a person's daily routine to make a real difference. I like this header from the article "Grist Tries to Explain its Screw Earth Day Campaign"...

See NASA's view of Earth on their Earth Day page which has all kinds of fun and interesting stuff - like 10 Things You Never Knew About Earth!

Are you considering making changes to better your health and the planet's? Check out Planet Green's How To Go Green Guides which are loaded with helpful information and cover everything from recycling to fashion to gardening to home renovations!

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