Sunday, March 15, 2009

Clean Banana Bread

So what do you do with 4 overly ripe bananas? Make Banana Bread of course! We wanted to try a recipe out of Tosca Rena's new book The Eat-Clean Diet for Family & Kids, and this was the perfect opportunity. It came out a mess, as you can see below... but it was very tasty! Here's a picture of the results after trying to transfer it to a rack for cooling, and eating off of it...

Not very pretty but it is really good - and clean! We will be trying this recipe again. I'm still not convinced my husband greased the pan... The picture is not nearly as nice as my husband's but hey, it's not bad considering it was taken with my iPhone.


  1. Try putting a parchment paper rectangle in the bottom of the pan next time. Then you can slice down the sides to free it from the pan and it should come out cleanly. I'm tired of "greasing" the pan only to have things not come loose too.

  2. It usually comes out fine for me, but it may have been because we used a combo of whole wheat flour and whole wheat pastry flour. Ah well, I will try parchment paper next time if I can remember.


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