Friday, May 06, 2011

Am I crazy, or should I...

Should I start my own YA Book Blog? Please vote (poll on sidebar)! I'd appreciate any comments/feedback too! Poll is anonymous, and comments can be too! Tell me what you really think, I can take it :).

I've gone back and forth on this idea for the past few months. This blog, New Shade of Green, lost its focus long ago... which is OK. I created it as an outlet, and it's been just that! If I started a book blog, most of the reading related posts, links, and widgets would be removed from this one.

There are seemingly a bagillion book blogs out there, and a ton of them are for the YA genre. I'm not really sure I could compete, but honestly, that's not what I'd want to do... more like play in the sand box with all the other YA loving bloggers. Am I crazy? Please help me out and vote via the poll on my sidebar!

IF I decide to venture down this path, my biggest hurdle is - what the heck am I going to name it?! If you have any ideas for me, please put suggestions in the comments.

Thanks peeps!

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  1. In case you're curious, I did it... I started my own book blog :). You can find it here:


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