Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Painting: Seven Aspens

Last month I went with my friend M to one of those places where they instruct you on how to paint a particular picture while they encourage you to drink and blast fun music. It was great! This was my second time going, you can read about my first experience here. So, here's how we start out... everything all nice and white and clean...
The setup. Notice the "liquid courage" aka wine next to the pallet.
The painting of the night was Seven Aspens. Step one was to paint our sky blue (or whatever we wanted, me being type A stuck to blue). Second, we painted clouds... and I have to say I'm pretty proud of mine! Then we put in mountains and a path... 
Sky, clouds, mountains, and path... CHECK!
Then we painted the grass in the foreground. Below, you can see M's to the left of mine. I envy her... she's so brave and adds in different colors and features our instructor didn't tell us to do. I'm not that brave yet. It's kind of funny because we did this to hang out together but between the loud music (Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, and Black Eyed Peas) and the crazy concentration zone I went into to keep up with the instructor (apparently I'm a slow painter)... we couldn't really talk. Except for when this picture was taken when we were on a break. We had to take a break so the paint could dry, and to get another glass of wine of course.
Almost there, just need to add the Aspens
Next was the most nerve racking part - except for maybe the clouds - putting in the Aspens! I wish I had added more branches, but I ran out of time and was afraid I'd go overboard anyway.

All done! 
Masterpiece #2 on our living room wall.
Now my "masterpiece" is hanging on our living room wall. My sweetie didn't even flinch. He loves me. Oooh, did you notice the little heart engraved on the first tree? It has a J and J in it :). John did give me a hard time for this... because I defaced the tree! I assured him I'd only deface a painted tree for our love. I promise I only hug real trees!


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