Thursday, May 13, 2010

Painting with Liquid Courage

Last night, my neighbor/friend P and I went to a place called Canvas & Cocktails, where we were walked through how to paint "Golden Poppies". Thankfully, no experience is necessary... and we had a BLAST! It helps that they serve wine and beer (along with non-alcoholic drinks), some snacks, and blare some pretty good music while you paint (everything from Lady Gaga to Journey to Bon Jovi). Nothing like having some liquid courage and music to "get loosened up and those creative juices flowing", especially for those Type A's like me. Have I mentioned that I haven't painted since elementary school?

Getting set up...
Canvas - check, brushes - check, paint - check, wine - CHECK!

My half done painting...
P's half done painting...
A refill of liquid courage is necessary to finish our masterpieces.
My friend P's masterpiece!
My completed masterpiece!
I love how we were following the same instructions and sitting next to each other, yet ended up with 2 very different paintings. I'm guessing there were about 30 people in the class, and all the paintings were different... some people even changed up the colors to have a yellow background with red poppies. I'm still not sure what I think of my painting, but I do know that I had so much fun! So much so, that P and I (and maybe M?) are planning on signing up for a painting class this summer. :)

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