Friday, May 07, 2010

VOTW: Curtains for the Office Doors

Over on one of my fav blogs to read Design-Aholic, Amy holds a weekly "Victory of the Week" link-up.  I missed out on last week's because I finished my VOTW the night before we left town for the weekend. So... I'm going to try and sneak it in this week. 

My little (or really, huge for me) victory of the week (VOTW) was making my own curtains for our office doors.  I was inspired to make my own after seeing other bloggers do it themselves. After looking at other's tutorials, I had it all figured out - buy fabric and no sew seam tape, and 20 min later I'd be done. 

Yeah RIGHT! 

I should know by now to multiply the estimated time for project completion by 6 (at least).  It could possibly have been easier if I had chosen different fabric, but no, I chose the shear silky fabric that can't be ironed (so I couldn't use the no sew seam stuff). Yeah, that would be me. I don't have a sewing machine (much less know how to use one), and I don't sew.  BTW, the fabric color is hard to see in this picture but it's a taupe or champagne color that goes well with our entry way rugs. 

That's where my friend M came to my rescue... she not only let me use her sewing machine, but taught me how to use it and helped me measure and pin the first panel. I am so thankful, because after a couple few hours over a couple of days, voila! We have curtains to hide the sometimes mess of my husband's office, YAY! This is huge, because his office is the first thing you see when you enter our house and it was driving. me. crazy.

Let's all just forget that I fell in love with the bamboo/grass/natural whatever shades that I saw used for this purpose at our friend's home in Santa Fe last weekend. OK? OK. 

Hurray for the little victories :). Happy Friday - have a great weekend!

~ Jen


  1. Love your blog. You definitely have a wide range of interests. I started blogging a few months ago about training for a marathon. This Saturday I will put all of the training to the ultimate test - 26.2 miles. If your interested in adding training for a marathon to your list of interests, check out my blog.

  2. Shannon, good luck on your marathon! Running is one of my interests (I'm a beginner) but marathons are not on my radar yet :). I do plan to do 10K and walk/run a half marathon this year! I will definitely check out your blog. Have fun tomorrow!


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