Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An addition to our family...

No, not that kind of addition, I'm not preggers! 

We are finally getting a piano! For those that know us... you know that ever since we've moved into our house a year and a half ago, we've called our formal living room the "piano room". Our friends/family give us a weird look when they don't see a piano, and we have to tell them to use their imaginations :). John and I both grew up playing the piano, and are excited to re-learn since neither of us have played in a long time (over a decade, yikes that makes me feel OLD). I took 8 years of lessons which I mostly hated, I liked playing for myself and what I wanted to play vs. what I was instructed to learn.  Though I had all those lessons, I never felt like a good player. I've never been able to just sit down and play by reading the music without having to struggle to learn it... I've always been jealous of my aunt who can play whatever sheet music you put in front of her!

We have been searching for pianos on craigslist, ebay, and at local piano sellers seriously for the past month. We went back and forth on what our budget should be, and what kind of piano we should get - upright or baby grand. Though we found many potential pianos at reasonable prices on craigslist and ebay, we eventually decided we wanted to buy new. Not a very "green" decision I know, but we are extremely picky when it comes to major purchases. Ha, who am I kidding, we're picky about everything (and I like to say John is even more picky than I am)! We wanted a piano with great tone, manufactured with quality materials, and one that would play great for many years. Also, since we are limited budget wise, the idea of it being under warranty, and being able to "trade up" appealed to us.

We decided on the Kawai K-3 Professional Upright in the Mahogany Satin finish.
If you're interested, you can listen here:

So excited! It should arrive early next week!


  1. That's awesome Jen; I'm jealous, I really want a piano!!

  2. I've looked everywhere I can think of... and I can't find any of my old piano music. I had a STACK and I can't find it... freaking out :(.

  3. My piano and all my music are still at my parents house because they like it when I play while I'm home. Someday they'll be in my house though! You must be so excited!

  4. Excited and borderline obsessed! :) I'm actually wanting to learn theory. We'll see how long this urge lasts, hahaa!


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