Tuesday, March 09, 2010

How I spent my sick days...

I picked up a couple of puzzles last weekend because ever since I helped with one over Christmas they've been on my brain. They were CHEAP! Like $3.50 each at Walmart for 1000 piece puzzles! My hubby and I picked this one because it reminded us of Switzerland (my favorite place on Earth). Turns out it's a place in Bavaria which is another favorite. We went on a big road trip of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Czech Republic in September of 2008 and this type of scenery will forever be etched in my memory.

So anyway, I started feeling crappy on Saturday night... and decided to go ahead and get started. Sunday was supposed to be a great day of snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park with friends but I felt worse and sure enough had a fever over 100 degrees. I was so bummed out. I got all packed and ready to go anyway, took some Tylenol and was trying to will it away... Then I realized when I felt worn out and ready to go back to bed after I had to climb back upstairs for something, that there was no way I could snowshoe up a mountain above 10,000 ft!

So I spent Sunday working on this beauty... me sitting at the kitchen table, head propped up with one hand (to hold my aching head up and because my cold hand felt good on my forehead). The best part is that my hubster stayed home with me and wanted to help put the puzzle together, which was a great surprise! I finished this yesterday (Monday) afternoon, which was my worst feeling day... I just couldn't stay away from this puzzle. Those flowers were a pain in my behind - the hardest part. Every time I was sure I was done working on it for the day, I'd get another piece... so much for it being a slow on-going puzzle to work on from time to time!

It feels good to have it finished, especially since its the only thing that's been accomplished the past few days. I still haven't emptied the dishwasher (so the sink is now overflowing), laundry is piled up, etc.. Check out my flowers John brought home yesterday. That's only half of the bouquet, I have them spread out through the kitchen and living room. They make me smile. They must of worked because I am feeling better today. Still having to take Tylenol to keep my fever down, but much better than yesterday. Now if I could just quit sneezing, coughing, and sniffling!

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  1. Sorry you were sick. Puzzles are a great sick day idea though!


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