Saturday, March 20, 2010

What should I name my RAV-4?

Isn't my RAV-4 pretty in the snow? It's dirty these days, you just can't keep a clean car during winter in Colorado. Sorry for the crappy picture, it was taken with my iPhone and it was foggy and snowing at the time. Plus, I took the quickest snapshot possible as my hands were freezing (by the way this is not our driveway, if only...).

I'm loving my RAV-4! After researching cars and SUVs to death, test driving them up I-70 (up a mountain), and waiting for inventory to recover after the cash for clunkers program... I am really, really happy with my choice (the other big contenders were the Toyota Prius, Honda CRV, and Honda Fit - yeah, really). I can hear the question coming... so no, I've had no issues with the gas pedal recall issue and I just learned that mine is not part of the recall - hurray!

I've been trying to think of a name for her but nothing has felt right yet. Yes, I think it's a her but really it may be because it just seems right that a car is a girl, like boats. Boats are usually referred to as female. I can't think of one boat/ship that was named or referred to as a guy. Anyway, she's a RAV-4 Sport with the Sport Appearance Package (no tire on the back), and leather interior (I agonized over that decision but in the end opted for the heated seats). She's sporty, functional, and fun to drive... any ideas on what to name her? I'm hoping it will just come to me one day... but I'm open to ideas as I want to call her something.

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