Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pretty in red - my not so hanging basket...

I'm a little late in posting this... but I had to share my recent pride and joy. Last weekend I went to a class on hanging baskets at our local nursery (the one I got all my herbies at a couple of weeks ago). The class cost $35 which I wasn't excited about... but since I'm trying to meet people and get involved in things... and love plants and flowers... I sucked up the price and went anyway. It turned out that $35 was a steal for what I took home! The price includes the instruction and all the materials (basket, soil, flowers/plants, and fertilizer). Considering that the ceramic hanging basket I selected would have cost me $30 alone, this was a deal. To be honest, I didn't really need instructions to do this.... I know how to plant things... err... well I think I do, never mind that my basil is still in a state of shock from being potted a few days ago. OK nevermind. I needed guidance on flower/plant selection, and ideas on design. For instance, I've always been skeptical about growing potted flowers indoors. I don't know why, it's kind of silly. Maybe because I've never seen it done before until recently? Anyway... I LOVE what I created, from the deep red toned ceramic hanging basket/pot to the plants I crammed together to fit inside. I haven't hung the basket yet. I have the metal hook/chain to hang it, and my plan was to hang it in the alcove between our dining room and foyer, but now I'm thinking I like it where it is... Plus, I think if I hang the basket it will be too high to easily water, which means it would probably end up dying a slow death.
Isn't it lovely here? (Yes I just typed lovely, I'm using that word a lot recently... hmm) It totally makes this space. The deep red of the basket/pot goes great with the entry rug and the red blooms really liven up the space. You can't tell from looking at it... but the blooming plant in the center is removable (for the life of me I can't remember the name of the flower, and I tried googling to figure it out with no luck - anyone know?!), which means I can swap it out for whatever plant is in bloom at the moment. So, at Christmas I could put in Poinsetas, in the fall Mums, you get the idea. Here is what I did what I was instructed to do... I placed a small plastic pot (like the ones that come with flowers/plants when you buy them) in the center and planted the ivy and diamond frost around the container. Then I placed the flowering plant (still in its original pot) inside the container. This makes it easy to remove and keep somewhere else in the house when it's not in bloom and temporarily replaced. Genius right?
I love my not so hanging basket! LOVE. It has been living in its new home for 5 days and it's doing great with new blossoms almost every day. I'm relieved to have something pretty in the foyer now... The space has a long way to go, as you can see in this post, but it's coming along slowly!


  1. This looks really pretty inside. I can't wait to start planting. Good luck keeping it going, you can do it!

  2. Thanks! It's doing great. But now I think I've become addicted... I keep buying plants/flowers! Yesterday I picked up potted gerbera daisies. The funny/scary thing is that I'm going out of town and my husband is going to have to water all these plants I've collected over the past few weeks. I hope they are all alive when I return!


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