Saturday, February 06, 2010

Help on the way!

I'm excited. I'm a little nervous. I'm a lot impatient!

Last week I ordered Punch! Home & Landscape Design Studio for the Mac (for a much reduced price!), and it shipped yesterday. Can not wait to get my hands on this software. It got mixed reviews, but the negatives seem to be written by people who wanted a quick and easy software that didn't require learning how to use it. This software got positive reviews from just as many people... mainly from peeps that were willing to spend some time learning the software. It also sounds like if you have any CAD experience it's a whole lot easier, and you are up and running immediately.

We have been considering purchasing design software for a while. Now that we're in our new house - and our list of projects grows daily - we decided to pull the trigger. Though, we LOVE our house... there's not much that we want to keep the same :). This will be put to good use... between wanting to redesign an entire wall in our living room around the fireplace, remodeling our kitchen, and finishing our 1200 sq ft basement (among other things on our long long list).  I tend to be gun shy with making decisions and purchases for our house, mainly because I worry that it will not look right... this should solve that problem!

I will let you know how it goes. I will be posting ideas, and before/after pictures! Though I will be using the software to play with ideas, we'll be executing them as our budget allows...

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