Sunday, February 07, 2010

Snow, posing, and grilled cheese!

I rolled out of bed first this morning, and went downstairs to let Koda outside. I was pulling back the curtain of the sliding glass doors when I noticed the yard was dusted with snow, and good size snowflakes were coming down. Before I could catch myself I squealed "it's SNOWING"!  John couldn't stay sleeping after that exclamation. Here is a picture taken around lunch time...

Here's one of Koda... she's a little confused with me because she associates me opening the door with letting her inside, but I just pushed her back and made her sit and pose. She humored me this time.


We enjoyed watching the snow fall most of the day. Then we watched the Super Bowl (yay for the underdogs, the Saints!), well OK, John watched the Super Bowl. I made dinner - homemade Italian wheat bread for grilled cheeses with Tomato Chunk Bisque - and phoned my Granny to catch up.

Great lazy snow day!

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